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Tell me 5 things you need (and don't have) right now.

1. Berries to satiate the fruit fiend I gave birth to, even though I bought some yesterday 2. The will to fold 3 loads of laundry currently on my toddler's unused bed 3. Enough half and half for a full second cup of coffee 4. The guts to actually ask for help when I need it 5. Eggs It seems like it's probably grocery day

1. Sleep. 2. Time alone. 3. A cleaning service. 4. Time alone to clean. 5. Time to enjoy my children without the stress of chores or exhaustion.

1. To sleep past 6am 2. Baby eczema cream 3. An actual skincare routine beyond a bar of soap 4. Time to do house projects 5. For this country to WAKE THE %*$& UP...or to move to quite literally ANY OTHER country

1. more sleep 2. better patience 3. an extra arm 4. the ability to make food instantaneously 5. a mini van, something that my younger self would be appalled to hear.

$ A place to rent when my ex sells our house this summer. I will get $ then but... Time off Prayers Hugs (Sorry for whining)

1. Space. 2. To not answer another question for a hot minute. 3. A good cry would be nice. 4. Dinner delivery? 5. What's another way to say space? To be left alone.

More energy More time in a day Sold sculptures (ie make a living) An earth sourced heating system in my house The snow shoveled off the north side roof of my house

1. Ugh a good hand lotion. My hands aren't happy. 2. More sunshine, less cold 3. My family living closer or cheaper airfare 4. Deeper friendships where I live. 5. A studio assistant

Time, discipline, patience, self care and dental floss 🌸

Dust pan,more Technical education,more hours in a day,understanding. And patience

Time, partnership, other people stepping up, a hair cut and the ability to stick to a diet

1) Someone to adult with 2) my 1st meal of the day *it's 6pm & I've forgotten to eat all day* 3) extra $$ to pay my bills 4) space of our own 5) SLEEEEEEP

I can only think of one - steady income of my own! Pretty awesome that's my only need but man, does it ever loom at times.

1. Time with my daughter who lives so far away. Rapid changes have prevented me from seeing her. 2. Faith that all the moves I am making are the right ones. 3. Security during this move (being homeless for 7 months last time we moved gave me PTSD) 4. Strength to stand strong in my position as my Mama's medical POA as she ages. 5. A good night's sleep, which is far and few between as our life makes so many changes

1 - Aloe for my sun burn. 2 - The magic power to stop my husbands snoring. 3 - More hours to sleep. 4 - Extra vacation days. 5 - Kids that will sleep through the night.

1. More time for everything 2. A hug 3. To feel successful 4. A snack 5. My daughter to listen

A break, time to myself, someone to go get groceries, someone to make dinner and a therapy appt

Ha! That's number one. Laughter. I need to laugh more. 2. Money. Hello interest payments and the most cash poor I've ever been. 3. Time. Enough time to work (see #2) and more time with my husband and kids, and parents. 4 and 5 are also time. Time for me to recreate, and time to rest.

Friends close by Daughter home Financial security Husband involved in family life

1. Uninterrupted sleep 2. Complete alone time - no humans, no animals 3. A foot rub 4. A live-in house cleaner that's not me 5. A day without making a decision for someone else

I've got everything I need but the list of things I want is getting longer and longer. (Now that my kids are getting older, I get to dream for myself again.)

Indoor shitter. Also a car with less than 250000mikes miles on it. But also indoor shitter times five.

Need; More mom breaks , a yoga/ meditation space with a door, a massage regularly, childcare to go to gym, an 8 hr stretch of sleep,

Infant life vest, bladder, control, cookies, a paved driveway, more cookies

Running water. Indoor plumbing. Clothes that fit this postpartum body. Breastfeeding friendly clothing. More time before I have to go back to work.

5 hrs to myself. 🤣

A house cleaner. A retirement plan. A more present husband. Time with friends. And for all this fucking snow to melt!!!!!!

Help cleaning my house Help decluttering my house A date with my husband Reassurance A therapist

I need rest. I need a good lay. I need to be surrounded by friends. I need to stop hating myself. I need a new life.

Sleep, a personal cook, someone else to wash+fold laundry, more hours in the day, a hug from my mom

Sleep. Healthy body. Nourishing meals. Time alone. Time.

Time Ease A snack Sleep Elastic waist pants

1. a MIL i get along with 2. Iced coffee in the fridge 3. A good nursing bra 4. Jeans that fit right 5. A manicure

A fresh pot of coffee To stop crying My mom A tampon (the crying makes sense now) The sun (we live in Seattle)

1) An extra hour (or 3?) to sleep 2) an answer to the strange rash on my baby's leg 3) a kids lunch making service 4)a plan for something to do with 3 kids all day Sunday when it's cold and rainy 5) probably more milk - don't we always need more milk

A handy person, a small chain saw, a passport for my kid, a beach vacation, and a local middle aged lesbian.

Sleep. A cure for autism (for our 4 yr old guy). A cure for multiple sclerosis (selfishly, for me. So I can be a better mama). Time. More time with my little ones as little ones. More time to play at the beach. More time to spend together as a family. More time to be myself, an artist and a partner and a gardener and all the things that make me, me. More sleep.

Time- to catch up on the 60 hours of missed work from being sick last week. Uninterrupted sleep- for any amount of time over two hours. Childcare- just for a week from someone dependable and safe. A dishwasher- oh for a dishwasher. A glass of champagne- or a bottle-to drink with a book and a bathtub and absolute silence.

Rest Relaxation Belly laughs A chef A housecleaner

Strength, power, patience, energy and time!

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