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My biggest worry is...

She won't develop on track

Traumatizing my kids with my unpredictable emotions.

My children's safety, and the world they will have to live in.

As a mom, it's for my kids to stay safe, no matter how old they are

Not sure what the biggest one is. I feel like there's a lot circling right now. But today it's that my mom will live long enough for my son to remember her.

My biggest worry is the future. What will our world resemble for these girls. Are we really doing everything in our power to be make this place beautiful for them?

That I can't fix it

Scary or unkind things happening to my kids

Some thing bad happening to a member of my family.

Oh boy! This is such a hard one to answer! I would have to say that my biggest worry is that one day I won't be able to keep an eye on the ones that I love so deeply. I will always cherish talks, hugs and knowing that they know how much I love them!

That he won't be prepared for a life without me

...keeping us financially secure so I never have to continually wonder, "How I'm going to feed my son tonight?" I don't ever want to go through anything close to that ever again.

Having to parent my stubborn father

My biggest worry changes over the days or months. Today my biggest worry is my husband's next few years. He is still a strong, hard working man who never says No when there is a need, but I see his body changing, ravaged by Rheumatoid Arthritis and a past accident that has destroyed his leg. His hands are losing shape, bending unnaturally and having a 30 year career with a Rheumatologist reminds me of what is down the road. Lots of decisions being made quickly. Selling my dream home to acquire a lower or no mortgage so we will be safe if working is no longer an option. Not ideal, but necessary...for my own piece of mind. The worry flexuates between all the little worries and the anxiety everyday worries, but today it is extra strong watching him limp in from work, that little boy grin still present among his pain. If you do not know him like I do... you would would think I am a little over the top with this worry. And this big worry bleeds into all the other worries that roll around in the back of mind. The everyday worries of life. But through all the worry, I always have a sense of security that it will all work out the way it should.

Not being enough. Not enough of wife, mom, friend or employee.

My family falling apart

Safety. I can't homeschool my kids. I don't really want to. The only reason it even enters my brain is safety. It feels like every week or month another school shooting happens. Living in fear that something horrendous like that could happen here is a constant in my brain.

I'm screwing my kids up

I won't be able to meet the need of raising kids, to be adults that are emotionally and mentally equipped for the world we are living in and moving towards.

Missing out because of fear or unhealthy thinking

That i will fail, epically, at being a mother in millions of small and big ways and those actions will lead to either making a shitty human or losing him

That my daughter will commit suicide. Or be unable to learn to take care of herself and have a stable, safe place to live when I'm gone.

My biggest worry is me or my family members dying or more so the pain and suffering of dying itself. I guess maybe people would say that's a fear, but I worry about it more than I should. I used worry about worrying too much, worry about you name it... after Odin was born and had all his health stuff going on I became so sick with worry that it's all I could do everyday. Lexapro saved me during that time. I am hopefully that worrying less is something I'll get better and better at.

My biggest worry is that my neurodivergent child will always struggle with anger and impulsivity, and will inadvertently hurt and alienate the people they love. 💔

My children succumbing to peer pressure, particularly my oldest child who lacks confidence.

My kids will become addicts

That are family will one way or another lose closeness. It's so essential to me to have a loving family unit.


That I won't be able to provide what my daughter needs her last two years in college (financially). Oh and my job ending in June - so I'm worried about not finding a job.

That I'm doing it alllll wrong!! I worry so much over how bad I have messed my sweet babies up. Did leaving their dad do irreparable damage? Divorce is an ACE... I know about these things, and it's not ever what I wanted for them. Is the man I chose to be my partner moving forward and to help raise them really going to help me raise them the way I want and instill our values into them, like my step dad did? Will he show up for them like they're his own down the road when the bottom finally fully drops out with their bio dad? Did the amount of time I didn't have to give them, for the years I was in survival mode, damage our connections beyond repair? Will they know I am always doing the best that I can, even when I'm failing miserably at everything? What if I'm not here? What if something happens and I can't be here to keep them safe and make sure they're okay, in the ways only a mama can?? There are so many big, big, big, fears, it's impossible to pick just one.

That I'm not spending enough time with my kids. When they ask me to play or do something with them I often come up with an excuse. "Im tired, im resting, I have to do chores" I worry how this makes them feel and how it will influence their memories of me

I am constantly worried. Worried the baby isn't getting the care she needs while I'm gone.. worried about every step Ku toddler takes. My biggest worry is something bad is going to happen and I won't be there or won't be able to make things ok

Good lord, there are so many worries. Losing one of my children.

Dying when my kid is young and her not remembering me

That something will happen to my kids. Could be illness, an accident, unhappiness, but something that I can not control, prevent or fix as their mama

Dying and not being there for my kids

My biggest worry kid feeling like they can't confide in me for anything AND my kid confiding in me for anything.

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