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Write a Momologue

The collective power of maternal experiences should feel sacred. Yet modern societal pressures and expectations can make these stories feel like a confession.

These are not confessions. They are anthems.

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​What is a momologue?
Momologues are true stories told by those who identify as mothers. They do not tell us how to mother; they don’t have an agenda. Momologues share a glimpse of the messy, hard, joyful, reality of motherhood.

Do I have to be a writer to contribute? 

You do not have to identify as a writer to contribute. We are all natural storytellers. (Note that we may lightly edit your work for consistency.)

Do I have to be a Mother? 

In the conventional sense (have given birth), No. The project builds community for all who identify as a Mother. Feel welcomed to explore the more unconventional edges of Motherhood and share stories that validate and lift this community.

How long should my submission be? 

Momologues range from 10 to 500 words. You can share a whole story or merely a moment in time that still feels like yesterday.

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