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Gift it Forward

Anonymously Gift a Stocking Bundle

Gift a Care Bundle to a single mom in the local Homer area by making a donation.

This is a way to show community care during a season when Moms give so much-- especially the single mamas. This might be small effort, but it is a deeply meaningful gesture made possible by a larger supportive community.


That's magic.

Donate any amount meaningful to you.

Thank you for your work, your efforts, your heart and your time. When a couple of my responses were used, it made me feel heard! Which feels amazing. I felt community. I appreciated reading the varied perspectives, the wins and the struggles of the other mamas that responded. A lot of the responses made me feel pretty fucking lucky about where I am in my mostly charmed life, and it also made me want to somehow reach out/help/hug those responders that broke my heart with what they had to say. This experience was both humbling and cathartic. Thank you."
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