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Our Story

Why are the best stories about motherhood told in whispers? In 2019, frustrated by the Stepford veneer she felt pressured to slap on as a new mother, Alaskan artist Brianna Allen started inviting her friends to share real stories under the protective cover of anonymity. 

We are a collective of over 100 artists, advocates, and anonymous matriarchs.

What We Do

The Momologue Collective is a social art practice that collects super-short stories about motherhood to shed light on the more surprising, defeating, and hilarious moments we never saw coming.


Stories remain anonymous and are shared publicly to build community for mothers through storytelling and art-making.


This project aims to honor voices of all backgrounds and experiences. Its diversity reveals how wide (and deep) the connection of motherhood is among us, though rarely celebrated. Sharing our stories can be cathartic and emboldening. Each of our stories are gifts to us all.

Momologues honor the people we have become inspite of what we had planned. They are hard and hilarious, each meant to reinforce one another in the areas of surprise, self-doubt and pain.

"I received this book as a gift...and it was like a lifeline. I'm in the beautiful, chaotic, messy, thick-of-it life with a three year old and a six month old, working full time and with no family or close friends near by. I have an amazing partner but I miss the support and understanding of other women and I didn't realize how badly I needed to see the experiences reflected back to me."

A Note from Brianna

Creator & Collector


I am a multidisciplinary artist creating visual work informed by my social art practice archived at The Momologue Collective. This on-going project is a platform for anonymous stories (momologues) contributed by self-identifying mothers, to be shared among a creative community exploring the complexities of motherhood. 

I aim to challenge the normative motherhood narrative, honor labors of care, and foster a supportive society through listening. By elevating the quieter stories, and offering protection of anonymity, my work fosters connection, validates vulnerability, and empowers the storyteller. As a result, these gifts, which are built on trust compel empathy and deeper listening among whomever they are shared with.

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