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A community catalyzed by creative collaboration.


Self-identifing mothers are welcome in this space to share their true mothering experiences free of guilt, shame and judgement. Stories are held in both reverence and in revelry and shared anonymously, while welcoming creatives to engage with, build upon and feel anchored by.


Contemporary artists of any media creating work within the themes of motherhood, who interact and engage with this archive while creating new work are welcome to be recognized. Please contact us if your work benefits from this growing collection of anonymous and true stories and would like to be featured.



In November of 2022, the "Gift a Book" campaign raised $4,120 from 34 donors (in 4 days) to gift books to the contributors of "The Momologue Collective: An Anthology by Self-Identifying Mothers". This over-whelming support gifted 100 books to contributors and collaborators who made the book possible. Funds also covered all of the book's publishing expenses, and updated this website.


Collaborators | Partners

"The Momologue Collective: An Anthology by Self-Identifying Mothers" Published Book :

  • Brianna Allen, Published and Gathered

  • Mercedes O'Leary, Editor

  • Kammi Matson, Cover Design

  • Aysa Blue, Interior Design

  • Bianca van der Mullen, Adele Person, Dorothy Duncan, Miranda Weiss.

  • Generous support by Melissa Jackson-Shuck

MOMologue Performance @ Bunnell Street Arts Center | December, 2022:

  • Brianna Allen, Mercededs O'Leary, Jennifer Norton and Claudia Haines, script curators

  • Jennifer Norton and Mercedes O'Leary, Directors

  • Performed by Sarah L. Brewer, Jessica Golden, Katelyn Hawkins-Wythe, Jules Joy, Sarah Roberts, Jessica Williams and SunRose Winslow.

  • Sponsored by Two Sister's Bakery and Fat Olive's

  • In partnership with Pier One Theatre, Kachamak Bay Family Planning Clinic and hosted by Bunnell Street Arts Center.

Grant Support

This Adaptation and Innovation project is supported by a grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, December 2022.

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