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Hockey Moms

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

In a high school varsity hockey game my son in his Jr. year, was going for a puck on the boards right in front of his team's bench. He got checked and since there was no glass in front of him, he would have fallen into the box so instinctually he extended his arm and snapped his radius. (Thankfully they were able to reduce the fracture and he was in a cast for 6 weeks. No surgery, but no more hockey that season. It happened 1st shift of 3rd period. The score was 0-0 against one of the top teams. He was FLYING on the ice, his coaches so stoked. After he got hurt, they lost 3-0. That was tough loss for all.) Even though my heart was a little broken afterwards I, like all moms, had to do SOMETHING because my kid had an owie - right? I went to find an ice pack, the first aid room was locked and I couldn't locate the key. There was no snow or ice outside, and no ice in concession stand. So I went to the zamboni room to get some "snow." It was dark, and wasn't sure where the light switch was,so I just used the light that came in from the rink through the open door. I walked toward the zamboni planning to scoop some icy slush off the blade-- I've been in the room many times-- took one step too many and straight into the zamboni pit I went up to the top of my thighs. Then a sister-mama followed right in after me! She thought I was trapped under the Zamboni due to the position I was in - one leg up on the edge and holding on to the blade as I was pulling myself out. She is a bit shorter than me so I resumed my awkward position and pulled myself out and then pulled her up and out and then we just bust out laughing. What else could we do!? Thankfully I had long underwear on under the Carhart pants and my trainers in the car, so off we went to the hospital looking like the wet, cold but devoted Hockey moms we were!

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