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Today I Felt Loved When...

Today I felt love when Theo and I woke up, as we do every morning, and he snuggled in close for morning cuddles. I felt love knowing that as he is learning more about world and himself that I am able to be his safety and comfort. And I even felt love when he turned his beautiful little face to mine and wiped his nose on my shoulder.

My partner let me go back to bed for 2 glorious hours this morning

When...both girls want to sit in a tiny chair with me.

I felt loved when my son was afraid when I fell and he thought I was hurt badly. He saw through my 'tough'

Surrounded by friends, recalling past times together while resting atop Party Rock after hiking up it!

Today I felt loved when someone brought me a cliff bar before my hockey game!

Today, I felt loved when one of my previous foster children called me from prison to check in and tell me how good he is doing. Even though he was a short timer, we made a strong connection. It makes me sad that he keeps ending up with short stints in jail, but it is gratifying to be the 'mom' he wants to talk to when he needs mom love and reassurance.

I'm going cleaning out piles of things we've saved, some purposefully, some just because they never got thrown out. In there are some handmade cards from my kids - marker drawings on faded construction paper - telling me Happy Mother's Day from 15-20 years ago, with notes like, "Thanks for being my mom" and You're a good mom, at least so far, hehehehe"

When my son kept looking back at me as I was reading to him

when my daughter played an April fools joke on me that made us both laugh really hard (involving a fake mouse she crafted)

My son sat next to me with a quiz he made for me to show my skills in math and writing because he wanted to "give my brain a challenge ". I suppose I should've been insulted 🤣 but I love when he wants to engage

Today I felt loved when my 10 year old son- giggling profusely- turned to me, full-smile, and shared one of our (many) ongoing private-jokes... reducing me to giggles alongside him.

I felt heard

my little man crawled into bed and wanted snuggle with me after an early morning nightmare.

My husband rubbed my head to calm the crazy, with no judgment.

My 4 year old said, "Mama, I love you so much, thank you for the chicken nuggets"

Today, I felt loved when I made time for myself to go for a walk and enjoy a bit of a daytime drink on my deck afterwards while my babe laid in his stroller quietly observing the trees swaying in the wind

I left my home, solo, before 8 for an exercise session with a friend. My husband told me to "go get jacked". What he was really saying was "I got this (our 3 young, energy filled, children waking up), do something for you"

I felt love when my son snuggled up next to me unprompted. I felt love when my friends asked me if they could get me anything at a party. I felt love when my son's friends feel safe to be completely wild with me. I felt love when my daughter speed crawls over to my legs and climbs up me.

Today I felt loved when my son and I sat on the couch on the porch in the sun and just talked. He's 17 now, and as he gets older, these talks (which used be frequently occurrences) become less and less frequent. And yet they still happen! His trust in me, still confiding his fears and hurts and also his joys fills my heart to the brim with love 💗

Today I felt loved when my partner skipped all the things he could have been doing and came on an outing in the sunshine with the kids and I.

My spouse offered to hold the baby

We were visiting a friend and he pulled out his guitar and started playing it for the baby

I felt loved when my 5yo cupped her hands around my face and kissed me. Unprovoked.

Today I felt loved when my friends invited me to an activity that I almost definitely couldn't attend with my 1-year old; but they invited me anyway and it felt like I was still in the world.

... my sick toddler came to me for comfort. That can get frustrating for me when a kid is clingy with other chaos of life going on. But I was able to stop and realize today how much my kids love and need me for comfort.

Today I felt loved when my friend's little dog jumped up in my lap and smothered me with kisses like it was his life's mission.

Today, I felt loved when my kids simultaneously big and small spooned me while they watched a show and I told them I needed 30 minutes to rest but wanted their love.

Today I felt loved when my daughter brought me a bag of carrots in the morning and shouted "breakfast in bed!"

Today I felt loved when my daughter ran back into the living room to give me another big hug and kiss before bed.

Today was not a day of love for me. Lately I've been feeling a bit used by my 19 year old. It's not her fault. I made her that way. As she was growing up- I supported her financially, emotionally and anyway I could. When my relationship of 14 years ended - I got screwed as we weren't married and now I'm living barely above poverty and paying for her tuition is sucking me dry. Her car just died (I've bought her two in the past four years) and I have shit credit and can't help her another one. So she uses mine. And because of that - my life has become complicated as I am stuck at home instead of doing what I want to do. My daughter doesn't seem to care that this is more than just an inconvenience. That I, myself, have a love life and interests - and her naturally selfish 19 year old brain rarely stops to think about that. So needless to say as I sit at home stranded - I'm not really feeling the love. I think that later on in life I'll look back and so will she and we will both realize we had to go through this in our mother/daughter relationship but for now - I'm a little bitter. Sorry my prompt is gloom and doom.

Today I felt loved when my mother in law sent me pictures of the kids at the fair. I've been working nights and haven't seen them since Friday afternoon. Seeing them smiling, laughing helped me not feel so guilty I haven't been with them this weekend. Having family that helps care for my children so I can work is a gift I don't take for granted.

My partner let me sleep in, my 8 yr old son asked to snuggle with me

Today I felt loved when my husband and I connected. Even though it was a five minute conversation. We got on the same page, checked in and made a plan for our day. We have been struggling to communicate lately and find time. In these early years of raising children, even a brief moment of connection makes all the difference. It turned my whole outlook around.

My 2 older girls hugged me at the same time early this morning. Sometimes they're the sweetest first thing in the morning ... and sometimes they're not! Today was a win.

A friend made me an amazing meal

Today i felt loved when locking eyes with my nine month old across the room. Amidst toddler tantrum and an explosion of toys she never fails to light up when I enter the room offering a mischievous two toothed smile and a uncoordinated wave before crawling over to be held.

Well I'm answering this for most recent not today. I felt loved when I felt like life kicked my butt and I came home hid under my blankets and cried. Curled up into the fetal position and just let it out. My daughter came up climbed on top of me with the dog and asked what was wrong. I told her I just needed a hug and in that moment with her arms wrapped around me I felt so loved. I realized the meaning of life and there is no giving up as a mom. The next morning I woke up thanking God for my blessing and we made a huge breakfast together and just talked. Amazing how much strength our children can give us without even knowing

My husband used his dad voice and told the kids they weren't listening to me, needed to apologize and do better.

I want to respond to prompt #1. I was not feeling loved at all that day, home alone, no kids, no partner, super sick and feeling sorry for myself that there was no one around to even check on me. But a couple of days ago, my 9yo threw up in her bed late at night, and was so upset, because she felt bad that she made more work for me and interrupted my partner and I while we were working on various projects. I reassured her no one was upset, got her calmed down and in the shower, and went to tell my partner what happened. He was working on a project in the garage, but he stopped what he was doing and came in to help me clean up her bed and get her calmed down and back to bed (mostly I was just letting him know the situation, and not expecting help!). He fought his own gag reflexes, like I did, and we got the bed all sorted out (it was a doozy!). When she was in her jammies and ready to get back to bed, she was still a little sad about causing a problem. This man made her look him in his eyes, and told her not to feel bad, and that we both love her so much and she and her siblings are more important than our projects. I felt so loved in that moment, the way he loves and cares for my kids and me is unlike anything I've ever known.

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