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Describe a cherished ritual/routine you've practiced as mother and child.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

When putting him to bed at night, lying down w him. "Tell me about your nice day". So he would share his day w me.

At bed time, after dad has tucked in, I go back in to talk about our day and snuggle. Then it's time for 'tickleback.' Kiddo sleeps without a shirt on and I gently rub her back with just a light fingertip touch and it mellows her out and lets her drift off to sleep. I love this time of the day.

We wolf howl together :) she started mimicking me from 3 months old and it still makes her smile

Weekends are for sleeping in, it's especially nice when the kids sleep in too. If I wake up before them I crawl into bed with one, in hopes that the sleeping continues. At the very least we get morning snuggles.

Cookies and milk and songs after walking our mountain path. And later learning one word in that song was misheard for always so now we use that word

Every night at the dinner table we take turns asking each other "what was your favorite part of today" we've done this for years and my kids still look forward to being asked every night. Another one is "snuggle puddle" it's where everyone climbs into mom and dads bed and snuggles up as closely as we can together and just lay there talking and giggling.

"I love you to the moon and back." The response is: "I love you to infinity and beyond." This can happen at any moment and with any of the kids.

Reading to my children. It was a snuggle time, and something we all loved. It was a mothering time and a fathering time.

I'm usually the one to give my son a bath and whenever I lift him out when he's done, I hold him up to drip off before I wrap him in a towel. Then we look at ourselves in the mirror and he gives a little laugh and smile. I've grown to look forward to that little moment we share in the mirror.

Hermit Island

The morning routines I have with my girls are so cherished by me. I have early mornings 1:1 with my oldest. She calls us the "morning birds" of the family. We wake up together, say our gratitudes, drink our morning coffee and juice, and relax together before the hustle of the day. When my youngest wakes up with my husband (who we call the "snoozy squirrels") I jump into her crib with her for "crib cuddles". It sets everyone's day up with a jolt of endorphins.

My children and grandchildren all successfully making it work through this rough world.

Every night before bed we either say in person or txt I love you!

We read together and snuggle (almost) every night. We ask each other "what was the best part /worse part of your day" and reflect. I know someday this ritual will change and shift but for now it's a moment where time stops ticking and we hold ourselves together in that beautiful mama daughter cuddle connection. It feels so loving and safe and sometimes I never want to let her go....

There have been no more than 20 nights out of the past almost 11 years of nights where I have not laid in bed with my son at bedtime and talked and rubbed his back. This ritual used to last hours, then 30 minutes or so and now it's just a few circular pats and I can say I love you buddy and good night. I know this ritual will end in the next few years or shift as he becomes more detached from me and I am mostly okay with that. But a small part of me hates this self reliance cause that means I needed him as much if not more than he needed me.

I sing a song I made up as a lullaby for my kids each night after books. I've sung it since they were infants. They love it because their names are in it and it's kinda like this positive affirmation song that is personalized for them. I rub their feet and backs and sing a couple rounds. Now that they are older we have a Saturday routine where we do our thrift store, garage sale circuit. It is weirdly rewarding to pass on this love of a good treasure hunt to them.

We will drop anything and say to each other, "Need a hug?" We do it if we feel depleted within ourself, or if we notice the other is in need. In that moment is a RESET. We hug as long as it's needed (which can be quite variable) & then return to what we were doing previously- but then feeling refreshed and knowing our Love, is reaffirmed. I used to do this with him, when he acted out as a toddler. The first time he did it for me, was the beginning of a wonderful exchange. I cannot adequately describe how much I needed it too.

My inner child & I take naps to heal ourselves, & allow for extra naps & relaxing after adventures

I have raised my children to make a circle with their hands (by reachinh their arms out and touching thier fingers together ) and I would do the same, and would say "I love you like a circle with no end to it" This is now a ritual with my Grandbabies. My children's version is now never hanging up the phone without saying "Love you" last. ♥️

Morning snuggles. They are the best way to start the day.

Reading and rocking together before bed is pretty special. I reach for the next book and he leans over to look at the choices. Then we end our snuggle/lit session with singing May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You💜

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