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Thirty years ago, I went to that Anchorage clinic

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

My partner and his 1st wife had a baby girl born with anencephaly (underdeveloped brain and incomplete skull). He held her; SHE carried her for 9 months, but did not get to hold her because Amanda died within 30 minutes. Her death resulted in the death of their marriage.

I wanted to have a baby. Worked with a fertility doctor for a year. The pregnancy was supposed to be high-risk but I had a natural birth at age 37--the doctor nor hubby made it in time. But that's another story.

Second pregnancy resulted in Omphalocele (baby's insides were on the outside, including liver). Watching the amniocentesis test, I noted the baby was bouncing like a Mexican jumping bean. So thankful for the doctor who had me meet and talk to other parents with same condition. He had arranged a no-cost flight to Seattle if I wanted another consult.

Key factors in my decision to abort: 1) I had my toddler, plus my baby's omphalocele was substantial. 2) his/our 9 yr old son had a TBI ( brain injury) 2-3 years earlier and was involved in therapies.. 3) My hubby had lost his fiancée in a car accident; lost baby, then marriage and home in divorce. How much grief and financial needs/support could he withstand?

Thirty years ago, I went to that Anchorage clinic when there was a group of protestors outside. I remember a fat, white guy in front. Inside, I felt safe and cared for by my kind-hearted doctor. Still, the wait before the D & C was performed was hard.

I protected my family. I want my new daughter-in-law and son to have that right also.

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