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They had to sedate her

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Trigger Warning: This story contains subject matter relating to suicide.

I work in the deli at Hannaford. I am in the chicken room breading chicken tenders for the kitchen. I hear the air pump continuously inhale and exhale. I have tears running down my cheeks because not even a week ago my daughter tried to take her own life by over dosing on her anti-depressants. They had to sedate her and put her to sleep to flush out her system. She was hooked to breathing tubes. The machine that was helping her breath inhaling and exhaling. Watching her chest fall up and down as it was breathing for her. I wanted to crawl inside her mind and tell her that life is worth living and that she is so strong and can get through this hump in the road. But all I could do is hold her hand and physically be with her at the moment. I have never felt so helpless as a parent.

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