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No matter the gender of my child

Everything is still so fresh and new for me with my 10 week old son. I remember before he was born I didn't completely understand the concept of loving something more every day and REALLY feeling it every day. I also remember before he was born that I was a little bummed I wasn't going to be having a girl. I have a sister and mother who I'm really close with and I wanted to have that kind of relationship with a daughter of my own. I wanted to teach her how to be a strong, compassionate, open minded girl and then woman. I wanted to show her that she can be independent, can and should stick up for herself and others, and that she can dream big even if it might be hard work making that dream a reality. But now, having my son, I can't imagine it any other way. I wake up excited to see him (even though I just saw him a few hours before) and I absolutely love him more every day. I've realized that no matter the gender of my child, I can instill in them to respect and empower women. And to be a strong, open minded child and then adult. I'm so looking forward to what our relationship is going to grow into and to see the person that he is going to become.

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