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I thought, “I can’t work through another pregnancy”

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

When I was 32, after having my two daughters and numerous failed pregnancies, I had an abortion. My husband and I knew that we were done having kids and the potential of further heartbreak from miscarriage. Our youngest was one years old. The day I found out I was pregnant, I had taken our cat to the vet after acting weird for a few days. She died mysteriously later that day. The next day I drove to Soldotna with a supportive mom friend. I mourned the loss of my beloved adventure cat, the loss of my previous pregnancies and the panic of being pregnant when I already was at my mental capacity. “I’m a bad mother” , “I can’t work through another pregnancy” , “where would a new baby even go in our house???” The people at Planned Parenthood were so kind. They asked no invasive questions. The process was smooth and I have no regrets. Yesterday at my well-woman visit I found out that the PP I went to is now closed, a year later. Today I mourn for all the women on the peninsula who now need to go to Anchorage to access an abortion. A literally pill I took in an office that will now take hours for women to access.

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