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I squatted, reached inside and...

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We were interrupted unexpectedly and he bolted out the back door so no one would know. The phone rings. On the other end was him. He said he couldn’t find the condom. Um… What???  What do you mean you couldn’t find it?? I rip apart the bed, throwing the sheets and blankets across the room.  It was nowhere to be found.

Horrified at the only option left of where it could be, I headed to the shower. My inner self yelling at me, No… surely it can’t be lost in there. IS it? The water ran over my shoulders as felt to see if it was just kind of in there. Still nothing. I squatted, reached inside and slowly pull it out of my vagina with a long snap. I stared at it.  The feeling of being sick to my stomach hit hard and that odd sort of panic relief laugh came over me... Holy Shit….. What the actual fuck, how did this happen?? So many questions ran through my mind, I was mortified and in shock… wrong size condom? Do I have that powerful pelvic floor? Did I suck the thing right off??? Am I going to get pregnant???

 I pulled myself together and drove the store for Plan B.  Who knows if that mishap would have turned into something more. Thank Science for modern medicine and the ability to get resources so easily.  It did not drastically change my life because I was enjoying being sexual. I am sexual.

Each one of us have had our own nightmare, lets not take steps backwards and accidents be what we have to live with.

My heart hurts for women who have to carry the burden of potential resources not being available.

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