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"Get it All Out" Kind of Vomiting

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Right around the time I was figuring out that I was infact pregnant I vomited in a trash can at Save-U-More. It was in the front entrance, right by the gumball machine, in front of the checkers, shoppers, god and everybody. I’m certain it was loud and ugly, you know, that deep "get it all out" kind of vomiting. It came on so fast I had no time to make it anywhere else and believe me, I was as surprised as everyone watching. When I was finished puking my guts out I stared into that can, for a good 10 seconds; half wondering who was staring at me and half deciding whether or not I could run to my car and immediately move out of Homer. Eventually I decided all I could do was wipe my mouth and apologetically stroll back to the produce section and own it. Was I embarrassed? Yes. Did I care? Mmm, I'm not sure. I was too concerned with my legitimate insatiable craving for red bell peppers and that horrible instant lemonade. Little did I know, this is exactly what parenting would be like every single day. It's weird and messy and ridiculously embarrassing (especially in grocery stores). You can control almost nothing about what is happening except for your own attitude. And for some delusional reason you always feel like you should be apologizing to someone about how you're doing it. But, the truth is that you keep your head held high and learn to not give a damn if anyone is judging the vomit on your shirt (which at this point most likely isn't yours anyway) and stay strong for that beautiful wild little creature you call "baby".

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