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Conversations with My Seven Year Old

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

7 yo: I need a bandaid.

Me: For what?

7 yo: My knee.

Me: What’s wrong with your knee?

7 yo: I’m afraid it’s going to faint.

:: After watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure ::

7 yo: Were all those people from a long time ago real? Me: Well, the people in the movie were just actors, but yes, they were playing people who really lived a long time ago. 7 yo: What about the knight girl, was she real? Me: Yes, Joan of Arc led the French into battle when she was just a teenager. 7 yo: .... that doesn’t sound very safe. Me: You are right. It was not.

:: Trying to wake them up this morning ::

7 yo: Just one more minute of sleep! Me: No, I already gave you one more minute, you need to get up. 7 yo: Fiiiive more minuuuuuuuutes Me: You’re negotiating in the wrong direction, kid. 7 yo: Can I have a free trial? Me: What? 7 yo: Can I have a free trial? Me: Of what? 7 yo: OF SLEEP!

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