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At my best friend's place, I took the medication with my mother by my side.

I was 26 years old. I had recently launched my own company. I had only recently begun to develop trust in my own ability to understand myself. I was invited to a house party by friends. I met this guy, and we clicked immediately! He was attractive, smart, had his own business, and shared many of my interests. He was also very charming. We were attracted to each other immediately. I believed I may have discovered a new love interest.

Although I wouldn't normally do it on the 1st night, we ended up hooking up because it was so magical and there was booze involved. Was great drunk sex. As we said our goodbyes in the morning, we made a few impromptu plans to meet to and do something later.

When I texted him later, he informed me he couldn't hang because he had a girlfriend! WTF?! Why didn't that come up? At least before you had a sex with me. He was lying to me and to her.

A few weeks later, anytime I ate or smelled food, I started to feel sick. A pregnancy test revealed that I was indeed pregnant. If I decided to retain the child, my mother assured me that she would be there to support me and assist me in raising it. I realized how much my life and her life would be influenced by my decision. I called him and informed him of my pregnancy. He sent me cash for an abortion and said not to call him ever again.

I had the good fortune to be able to take time off work and use a vehicle to travel up to Soldotna to receive a consultation for an abortion. The male doctor accused me of utilizing abortion as a punch card method of birth control throughout the appointment. I informed him, "This is my first and hopefully last abortion." "I'm a serial monogamous person and I wasn't using birth control at the time." I found it hard to comprehend that after finally deciding to get an abortion, a doctor is now insulting me. He did apologize.

I was fortunate enough to be pregnant early enough to use the abortion pill, preventing the need for him to operate on me.

At my best friend's place, I took the medication with my mother by my side. They supported me throughout the abortion and looked after me the following several days. I made time to sit down and hold a ceremony for the fetus where lots of my emotions where felt and accepted.

I appreciate the choice I made. I love my life that I’m living now. I’m grateful I was able to have a choice. I’m grateful for all the women and men who battled to legalize abortion in the past.

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