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"Look Mumma, a Jellyfish!"

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Our toddler was potty training. Like most kids at this age, her interests in the curious sights and sounds offered from the wondrous toilet bowl were piqued and now everyone's bathroom time was full of questions, comments, and friendly farewells down the flush.

Since having children my flow has become much heavier. On day two of my period, I had to pee. On cue, my bathroom commentator arrived at my knees.

The bright red gelatinous clots danced down the toilet bowl, making the water look like a lively aquarium. I tried to be quick but she was quicker. She peeked into the bowl and her face lit up like on Christmas, "Mumma! Look! It's a JELLYFISH! It's a big momma jellyfish! She's so pretty!"

I couldn't argue with her, and for a moment I was totally charmed to stare in awe of my glorious menses with my daughter. It was pretty. I figured it's never too soon to smash stigmas, especially while building a more witchy matriarchy among ourselves.

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