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What have you been prescribed since becoming a mother? Do you self-medicate? In what ways, How?

Wellbutrin ( @age 50-think many women do- no longer use) WINE and melatonin sometimes to sleep

No prescriptions. Did I feel like myself for 6 months after giving birth? Nope. Should I have gone to therapy? Definitely. Did I? No.

I was first prescribed Prozac after I had a vision of me spiking my baby. I still take it and Wellbutrin as well.

My midwife when she was treating me for postpartum depression and anxiety. That woman saved my life by listening to me

When my last four children arrived, at ages 9, 12, 13, and 16, the doc looked at me and said she was prescribing blood pressure meds. Since then, a med for managing PTSD has been added. Four kids with abuse trauma has been harder than four kids under 5. I guess that you could call middle of the night hot tub soaks and walks on the treadmill to be a form of self-medication. It certainly did a lot to provide some needed grounding. My kids are now 17, 19, 20 and 22. They are still very much in need of having the mama bear be there for them.

Not been prescribed anything. Bach's Rescue Remedy is my go to for stress and anxiety.

I was in celexa but switched over to Zoloft since becoming a mom.

20mg of Celexa after my second. I told my therapist all the ways I was managing my anxiety and how I thought I was doing fine, and she replied, "you are doing fine. You're managing everything so well. But you're exhausted."

What I prescribe for my self to walk at least 6 miles and being outside if it's tolerable as much as I can!!

Progesterone, thyroid med and can't eat gluten or wear nickel. I eat, I eat when I'm bored, I eat when it's quiet, I eat when I'm tired. I eat because I can and because it keeps me awake so I can do what needs to get done. I did this a bit before i had a kid. But this really ramped up when I was breastfeeding and not really eating. I dropped 60 lbs in the first three months. That first year I was wasting away. My eating habits were survival. I'd eat weird shit left on the counter in the middle of the night cause I was up. I'd eat the leftovers on his high hair tray because I didn't have time to make myself something. Some crackers here, a spoon of peanut butter there. I ate after he finally went to bed because no one was reaching for my food. And after he started eating on his own and sleeping I carried this weird scarcity mindset with me. And now I want it to stop…

Metoprolol ... my third pregnancy ended with pretty significant heart issues. Pregnancy changed my body even greater on the inside, than it did the outside.

I have been lucky enough to not need regular medication. But I believe in the mom's who do. The occasional wine or edible is more my speed.

Homeopathic remedies, vitamin D, fish oils, and cold plunges!

Motherhood has put a magnifying glass on my relationship with food and eating. I didn't like my body while I was pregnant. Not only was it the heaviest I've ever been, but the strong, graceful body I knew felt like it was compromised, deteriorated, weakened--sore gums, loose hips, aching back, cold sores, toothaches, and the damned fatigue. After giving birth I was dealing with trying to accept how my body and my life had changed. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be strong and fit again. Sometimes standing in my way is a binging habit that I think is a way of self-medicating. In some ways it's funny: seeing a tub of jelly bellys drain to empty in a matter of days. And in other ways it's shameful: hiding wrappers in the trash from my husband; skipping meals because I'm full of unhealthy crap food.

Cortisol manager, Lavella, prenatal, EHB (I have a cat allergy, it turns out...) and talk therapy. I've also been prescribed a Meyers IV cocktail to get me an over all boost- which was transformational for a day or two. My provider diagnosed me with moderate depression and anxiety, somehow to my own surprise. I realized that coffee makes me too angry with the kids. Drinking impedes too much on my productivity in the evenings and in the mornings so I rely on gummies from day to day, cutting them in half or thirds to take the edge off w/o sinking into a deep numb before the kids go to bed.

I love this question. I think it is so important to normalize getting help in the form of medication when necessary. I have been on lexapro twice and I can confidently say it saved me. Before that I had anxiety but never really knew how bad until the worry really took over. Previously I have taken Xanax for panick attacks and still have it on deck for emergencies. I definitely have a drink most nights and I really honestly wish weed worked for me, it's just seems to make me overthink more. But I'm jealous of those that it brings relief and clarity to.

I stopped functioning after my second child was born, by a paralyzing mix of anxiety and depression. I had never taken prescription medication in my life, but finally agreed to start on Zoloft, and was also prescribed thyroid medication. The Zoloft made me functional again, but it also came with a sort of numbness and emotional constipation. I hardly ever cry anymore. I hardly ever enjoy sex anymore. I just don't care about things as hard as I used to. But I can function. The times I've tried to wean off of it, the anxiety would sneak back up on me after a few months until I was non functional again. I've made peace with it for the most part.

I drink a wine or two every night. I know it's not healthy, but I feel like it is the one thing I enjoy and look forward to once the kids are in bed. It helps me unwind. I love working out but have no energy anymore and haven't worked out since my second child was born because I can't fit it in. I love to read but I can't concentrate on a book I'm so tired. So it is a glass of wine and a trashy TV show.

I have not been prescribed anything since becoming a mother. I definitely self medicate with pot, legal in my state, though I almost never do so in front of my children (often using a vape or gummies, I rarely actually "smoke"). I am pretty sure I've developed ADHD since becoming a mother. Honestly, a nice sativa during the day when I'm home alone, allows me to focus and get through chores, or to relax and focus me just enough to allow myself to sink all the way in to my creative work, without my brain pulling me in all the directions of all the other things that need to be done! Indica gummies or vape right before bed at night similarly allows me to relax enough to actually fall into a restful sleep quickly, instead of already starting to stress about tomorrow, or thinking back on what I didn't do today, etc. I certainly never drive stoned, I feel like maybe that needs to be said. It's not something that puts my kids at risk, and truthfully it makes me a better and more patient mama, a more rested and less stressed mama, and also to be productive at times when I really need to! Guess I'm officially outing myself as a "weed mom."

Anti-anxiety meds. I had my first lengthy sober period when I found out I was pregnant with my first. Anxiety quickly followed. And with choosing not to self-medicate, I chose the route of SSRI's. And that has made all the difference.

To the previous post....I have been on some pretty serious meds prior, during and after having kids. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2017. The meds I take didn't interfere with getting pregnant but I stopped everything once we knew. After birth I had a serious relapse which required more meds and a heavier iv infused medication which caused me to stop breastfeed at 11 months, that was heart breaking. I do it for my babies and my husband. I don't like taking all these meds but I need to keep this disabling condition at bay as long as I can.

I take 50mg of Zoloft daily. Other than that, a ton of yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ ❤️

Zoloft. Saved my life. No exaggeration.

I probably should have been prescribed something but i never made time to go to a therapist. It was all too hard to figure out. I did realize by giving a bottle instead of breast at 5 i can drink to relax and this move has brought me much ease.

At my six week post partum visit i got a birth control prescription snd told to bad physical therapy wasn't covered as it could help a lot of my pain and pelvic issues. Then my health care coverage expired. Continuously appalled at how little care us offered after birth or even advice like at four months your hormones might go wild again or when you wean watch out! I probably live to fully in the cliche of wine after bed time these days as a way to ease out of the day.

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