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Things my mother taught me.

How to cry in secret.

How to love a baby, a child in my arms like a mama monkey.

How to rub feet and make tea.

How to worry and fret.

How to caretake people without them even knowing.

How to wear it out and just ignore him.

How to feel bad about past failings.

How to move forward.

How to talk on the phone.

How to draw a circle.

How to read cursive.

How to hold yourself accountable to your own expectations.

How to hide things like chocolate.

How to lie.

How to be sooo... “everyone likes you.”

How to be so everyone likes you.

How to order food at a restaurant.

How to pick berries like a boss.

How to snap.

How to bend.

How to let a man drive your boat.

How to drive your own car.

How to love people unconditionally.

How to turn awkwardness into charm.

How to draw a human face.

How to make a difference.

How to love and persevere even when in the face and ingratitude.

How to forgive.

How to forget.

How to be a friend.

How to.

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