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She had no choice.

I am pro-choice. Pro every woman having a choice in how her life will continue. My mother had no choice. My mother was a beautiful, strong, healthy, educated woman who was raised by parents who loved her and did what they believed was right. My mother was raised by Orthodox Jewish parents. My mother fell in love with a man who chose to join the United States Air Force and serve his country. My mother and that man, who loved her deeply, chose to have intercourse. They planned to marry. My mother became pregnant and when her parents learned of her plans, they gave her no choice. They would not allow her to marry a man who was not of the same religion. She had no choice. She had to carry me to term and had to ‘give me up’ for adoption. She had no choice.

After birth I had to be placed in a foster home for the standard 6 months until it was determined I was ‘okay’ health wise. There was another woman who had also served in the military, serving her country during WWII. She wanted to be a mother but could not bear children. She & her husband chose to adopt and told the officials that her choice was to take me into their home before the standard 6 months waiting period. She made her choice heard and she brought me home when I was 2 months old. She chose to be strong. During the war she literally fought for choice. She would be saddened by the fact that choice is being taken away.

I know my spirit was meant for the world and if not in the body I have, in another. I am pro-choice. Please honor both my mothers and fight for choice.

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