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Impending vomit all day.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Morning Sickness: A cutesy, sweet, non-threatening, non-medical sounding term. Clearly invented by men. For me, so called MORNING SICKNESS was an all-day, all-night, cloying, screaming nausea, for 22 weeks. Acid raging up my throat, sweaty and shakey with impending vomit all day. Waking up at night, trying to decide if I was actually going to throw up, debating whether I’d get more rest by sleeping on the bathroom floor. Every food, drink, smell made me sick. Flowers made me sick. The sight of food emojis made me hurl. And somehow... expected to function. Showering, getting dressed, crying, laying down, before driving to work. The same to drive home. Pregnant women should be pampered at spas and venerated at award ceremonies! That was HARD. I was STRONG.

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