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Abortions are health care.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

She was trying to become pregnant after so much planning. She’s so smart, such a planner. She was so thrilled to finally get a positive pregnancy test. Then there was bleeding, and she thought she had lost it. I brought chocolate and wine and all my love. Her husband was so thankful because there was no comfort for their loss. Her ovulation tests were wacky so she took another pregnancy test. She was still pregnant. She came to learn it was a ‘pregnancy of unknown location’. Did you know your ovary doesn’t connect to your Fallopian tube? Did you know an embryo can attach to another organ in your abdomen? Neither did I. As her non- viable pregnancy continued, she opted to have a chemo shot to stop the growth of cells that were in a literal unknown location (an abortion). Her pregnancy hormones were dropping, so it seemed the chemo shot worked, until it didn’t. She woke up and collapsed, vomiting in pain. She was bleeding out. It was an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured her fallopian tube. She was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery to remove her fallopian tube and save her life. The emotional recovery was tougher than the physical recovery. I hope she gets the pregnancy she so dearly wants. Her choice. Without abortion as health care women with ectopic pregnancies and pregnancies of unknown locations will die.

Abortions are health care.

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