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The death of a future I thought I was going to have.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

There is nothing like being a mother. Our stories are unique, and should be honored as such. If we don’t, many vulnerable women will feel alone and like they are not doing enough. Life is challenging for all women, and there will always be a place where we can share our stories.

There was a time before I had my son when I didn’t know if my partner wanted a kid. There was a miscarriage. And, for a few months, there was the death of a future I thought I was going to have.

Later, after my son was born, even though I had been an early childhood educator, I truly had no idea what it meant to be a parent. The death of self happens as your child’s life begins. As your children get older, you slowly find your way back to a new you. I would say that those who experience the death of a close one might experience a similar death of reality.

Being a mom is hard; it is a singular experience that is only understood if you’ve been a present mother. Know that YOU are enough.


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