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Trusting a three year old is hard.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I’ve got a kid that hangs back. When it comes to new places and faces (or old ones, frankly), she buys her time. She watches. Assesses. She’ll ease in with careful steps and hesitation. If something knocks her down early, it’s going to be a while before she’ll muster up the confidence to go again. Turns out, no amount of encouragement, discussion, bribery or force will speed her process. Trusting a three year old is hard. It doesn’t suit my nature. I want to show her, teach her, let her know incessantly she can, make her try and try again. But I’m learning to swallow all of that. Watch. Support without telling. Trust. Her accomplishments are her own. Can a baby know what’s right for her? She can.


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