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I know less and less what to say to expectant mothers, especially the those expecting their first baby. Sometimes the book alone can feel too forward, in a way almost more perfect for one's second pregnancy.  Adding the art prints and a custom essential oil blend roller give the vulnerable stories a comforting cush. My hope is the bundle, when gifted-- feel like a premium welcome package full of both secrets, care and community.


The book encapsulates the voices of 100 self-identifying mothers who share vulnerable stories anonymously. The writers have been the inspiration for live performances since the book's publication in 2022.


Eight 4x6” art prints on premium linen paper of wonderful artists who are mothers, and have been a collaborator and/or supporter of the Momologue Collective Project. Artists featured in the 2023 set are Amy Komar, Amy Meissner, Somer Hahm, Carla Klinker Cope, Myesha Callahan Freet, Erin Paradis, Brianna Lee and Brianna Allen.


The oil blend is my custom blend. It is a combination of lavendar, mint, and clary sage to promote calm, peace and openess.  Important note: Because of the opening properties of clary sage, it can act as a natural inducer. Use with caution especially if you're pregnant.

Welcome Bundle: Book, Art Prints + MC Blend Roller

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