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You can see him when you can walk around the nurses station without passing out

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

33weeks. My husband got clearance for one last business trip so he got on a plane. I was mid trial. I got a call from my doctors office -get a ride to the hospital or we are sending an ambulance there is a problem with your labs. HELLP with none of the outward symptoms. My liver wasn’t functioning. My kidneys weren’t functioning. I couldn’t clot blood. No platelets. Blood pressure totally fine. Looked fine on the outside. Very much dying on the inside. Emergency induction. C section would cause me to bleed out. Epidural too risky. No drugs. My husband out of touch over the pacific. Pitosin. His best friend from childhood. My work colleague. A nurse trained in birth hypnosis. A midwife who lied and said I could have meds if I just did a few test pushes. 4.7lbs. Eventually. Eventually. He cried. I got to touch him and then nicu. I got sicker. The preeclampsia finally came. So much magnesium I woke up unable to breathe. My husband arrived? A blood transfusion and a challenge: you can see him when you can walk around the nurses station without passing out. Determination. And with both of us hooked up to machines a very overdue meeting. Of course we are fine now. Practically inseparable all he he knows was that it was a dark and stormy night. I am extremely proud of us, grateful for good maternal medical care, and so so deeply traumatized.

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