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Blessed and torn.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I do not remember the first time my mother told me that God wanted me

to be her child.

I do remember she told me that she wasn’t able to carry a child within her

body, so I was grown in another mother’s body and was born to fill her


I was born to a mother who was told by her own mother that because she

had been with a man who was not of the right religion, and despite his

service to our country and the love he carried for her and her baby, she

could not marry him and raise me.

A mother who was told she had to go away and then give away the baby

that would be born. I was ‘Baby Girl’ on the paper she signed to give me

to another mother.

But my mother was told that I could not come to her until ‘they’ knew I was


My mother told them that she knew in her heart that I was exactly the

baby who would be hers and that all would be okay no matter what.

No matter what, I always knew that my mother(s) loved me.

Even when I was torn, I was blessed.


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