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Teenagers. Free pass!

Had my teen believe I " had eyes in the back of my head" and knew everything he was doing! So he easily confessed

They are going to change the world. And you couldn't pay me to be one again.

Terrified to have one but honestly think they're really cool. Confession- if my relationship with my daughter ends up being like Lorelei and Rory Gilmore...I wouldn't hate it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I was a horribly dishonest teenager and I have a certainty deep down that my girls will set the karma on thick.

They do grow up. They were watching, listening, paying attention and now that they are 26 and 29, I can know that with certainty.

Sometimes they ARE smarter than Mama. I respect that.💞

I am no longer a teenager but we need more respect for our elders 👍

Teenagers are their own type of humans. They are interesting, exhausting, challenging, but can be oh so much fun!

My son is not a teen yet, but when he is, I hope he's not going to be as difficult as I was. (Sorry Mom)

Not there yet .... it's hard to imagine what it'll feel like to parent teenagers. I feel a mix of fear and excitement thinking of what's to come. I guess time will tell, but we will figure it out, together.

I'm terrified of Nora being a teenager, and we have 8 more years..

I dig em. Well. Its gonna be interesting raising my own and having to establish clear boundaries and guidelines for my expectations. Especially since I'm a rule breaking person myself. Hmmm

I am terrified of my kids being teenagers. If karma is a thing Im totally F**ked.

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Hmmm, it was a dark and stormy night. Nope- it's fucking the most challenging thing ever! I do really hard shit in my job, I survived sexual abuse, my kids have had life threatening medical challenges, and none of that comes anywhere close to the unfolding of parenting teenagers. In one day, shoot one hour you can go from the proudest deepest most secure moment to utter bone shaking fear that your entire world will explode. You thought you covered the worries- drugs, grades (so stupid to worry about), manners, driving, friends. These are kitty snacks in the world of worry. I know more deeply than ever that these humans I love beyond wild dreams are leaving. Our time together is closing. Yes there are years to come but when is the last time you sat with your mother or had a long walk with your dad? If you are lucky, it was recent but for most of us these events are precious and few and far between. I raised them to not need me, but I might have done too good of a job.

Teenagers are incredible. They are teetering on the edge of everything. And gentle nudges go a lot further than drastic measures when it comes to raising them. Unless they've fallen off the edge already, and then you need more than your own family to save them.

Taking a walk with my daughter tonight, "to the bridge and back" our nightly pilgrimage, she's clearly in a hurry and wants to get the walk over quickly. "What's your hurry?" I ask her playfully. "Oh I just wanna get back home and take and take a shower," she tells me. I say, "When you were little a walk this could take an hour because you'd sing and dance the whole way and stop to pick up every pretty rock or inspect every flower. And the last thing you wanted to do was go home and get in the bath." She agrees, "Yeah life was full of imagination then." "What's it full of now?" I ask, "Reality?" "No, more like delusion," she laughs, "Like ego and I'm so cool, and look at me..." "Oh, haha, I can see that too. Well maybe it's the time where you're sorting out reality from delusions?" "Yeah, maybe so, mom. Wanna race?" And we run home giggling about nothing and everything and she beats me because her legs are longer than mine now.

Teens need you even more than toddlers do.

No holds barred complaint about life. Go ahead and vent without worrying about the other persons side or the swear words that might pop out. Let it out

Teenagers get a bad rap. They can be moody and disrespectful and infuriating. But they're pushing every boundary, trying to learn how to fit in and find their place in a really big, scary world. They're vulnerable and need their parents support more than any other time in their life, no matter how hard that can be to give.

Well, I actually love mine. He's currently the easiest of my 4 kids. BUT I do worry about things I cannot control like who he hangs out with and what's going on in those situations. He makes really smart decisions so far, and I think that's based on how open we are about hard conversations. That being said, his room is a total disaster and drives me nuts. I don't go in there if I don't have to 🤪🤪

Teenagers are emotionally unstable bullies who you still want to hug and squeeze.

My teenager is wonderful. She is kind and loving, a good friend, a good person, and has the most kind and amazing friends. She is also overly anxious, and so are many of her friends. I am lucky to have known many amazing teens over the years, when you really listen to them instead of talk at them, you learn a lot. They will almost always somehow tell you what they need if you stop to listen.

Terrified of that stage 🤡

Although I used to be one, I have amnesia when it comes to their illogical behavior. I constantly have to remind myself that the teenage years are filled with false confidence and smugness that can only come from not knowing jack shit

I pray I have the patience to survive the teen years with 3 girls. More wine?

I'm so grateful not to be a mama to a teenager but my 2 yr Olds attitude could be mistaken for one

Do you mean "THREEager". Wowzers! If ya know, ya know! That's all!

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